Athletic Surfaces and Gym Flooring by Sport Court of Texas

Sport Court of Texas can install a new game court, or update your existing game court with our top-of-the-line athletic surfaces and gym flooring products.


Response HG Featuring Maple Select™


The latest addition to our line of quality indoor sports flooring products, and is the only modular flooring in the industry with SportGuardTM advanced surface technology-a factory-applied polyurethane top coat that lends a lasting shine and increased durability. Also new for 2010 is our revolutionary Maple SelectTM flooring, which delivers the look and feel of a suspended hardwood maple floor. This is not a stick-on vinyl application that will curl and peelÑthe hardwood maple pattern is embedded in the flooring and protected by the urethane top coat, which means it will not wear out or fade.



Response Maple

A high performing floor for middle and secondary school gyms, this surface has a hardwood look without the hardwood cost. ResponseMaple™ can be retrofitted over most existing game court surfaces, including VCT/VAT and concrete, and requires no adhesive or anchors.



Perfect for school gyms, churches, and multi-purpose facilities, this floor is the choice for USA Volleyball and the NCAA Division I Volleyball Championships.



Defense™, which was originally designed to provide a superior skating experience for roller hockey, is a top of the line floor that's perfect for multi-sport game court play. This affordable gym flooring can be used for a wide range of activities in elementary schools, rec centers and other multi-purpose facilities.



PowerGame™ is the perfect outdoor playing surface for almost every sport including basketball, roller hockey, and tennis. It's a revolutionary new surface that provides superior traction capability while minimizing skin abrasions in the event of a fall. It's the highest rated athletic surface available on the market.
Athletes and orthopedists alike know concrete is the archenemy of the knee. Unlike pavement, our Ortho-Cush™ surface softens the blow as you come down for a rebound and springs back for the fast break. It reduces knee strain on every cut through the lane with the "give" of its Lateral Forgiveness™ technology. With its superior traction, it helps prevent your kids from ever even knowing what an orthopedist is.




Sport Court surfaces come in a variety of thicknesses, all of which provide excellent shock absorption at the point of contact.


Sport Court performance flooring helps to control the downward and horizontal surface movement where the athlete contacts the floor. This is particularly important during the competitive play.


The stop and go characteristics of sport court performance flooring provides the ideal amount of friction for all recreational activities.

Ball Bounce

Sport Court surfaces have consistent, true ball bounce and sound resulting in the highest performance of a synthetic court.

Rolling Load

With proper pneumatic wheel carts, sport court performance flooring can handle the rolling load requirments facing virtually any gym or multi-purpose area.


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Sport Court is the official flooring of many professional leagues and collegiate programs throughout the world. We're versatile enough to be played on a variety of surfaces from Division I NCAA Volleyball Championships to the international Basketball Federation to the Asian Futsal Confederation. We're also the official surface of USA Track & Field.