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Quick Start Tennis by Sport Court of Texas

Play a doubles match with the neighbors without paying a guest fee. You can schedule it rain or shine because our Quickstart Tennis courts are completely self-draining so it's dry soon after the clouds have emptied. It also ensures your knees aren't drained as the Lateral Forgiveness™ surface springs you from side-to-side in every baseline rally.

What is QuickStart Tennis?

QuickStart Tennis is a new tennis format designed to introduce new players to the game of tennis. To make it easier for smaller players and to open up opportunities to play almost anywhere, several aspects of the game were modified. QuickStart Tennis can be played on a 60' or 36' long indoor or outdoor tennis court. Smaller racquets and low-energy or foam balls help players work on timing and develop proper techniques. Even the scoring system and net heights have been adjusted...and the changes make the game more accessible for everyone! And just like other popular youth sports, QuickStart Tennis stresses the importance of play and team competition.

"What is Quick Start Tennis?" (see videos)

Why Choose Us?

For more than three decades Sport Court of Texas has been dedicated to helping families in Austin, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio, Texas create backyard opportunities for fun and fitness. Sport Court pioneered the game of short court tennis for the backyard and has since been helping adults and kids gain confidence and improve their tennis abilities right at home. One of the best ways for families to grow closer and for new friendships to blossom is to have your very own QuickStart Tennis/multi-sport game court right in your own backyard. With nearly 100,000 custom-built game courts under our belt, you and your family will be working with the most knowledgeable and experienced court building network in the world. Sport Court products are manufactured under the highest quality controls, so you can be sure they will deliver years of enjoyment, performance, and durability.

At Sport court of Texas, we love the game of tennis and are proud of the role we've played in helping to bring the game home to families. Because of our commitment to the sport and our extensive modular tennis court construction history we've been named the "Official Supplier of ModularFlooring" for the USTA. In addition to the USTA, we have been chosen by many of the leading governing bodies of sport to surface their championships and events. Our experience working with the USTA and other respected organizations including the NBA, NCAA and USA Volleyball have assisted us in the development of stronger, safer and better-performing sports flooring systems. More info on the USTA website


No other modular surface surpasses the patented design of Sport Court's PowerGame for absorbing shock (based on ASTM F1292, which measures the likelihood of head injury as a result of a fall). Independent testing also confirms that our outdoor surfaces provide the highest level of traction and the lowest surface abrasion in the industry. Our athletic surface systems also feature our patented Lateral Forgiveness technology, which reduces stress on knees and ankles. Each of these features makes PowerGame the ideal surface for a QuickStart tennis court where new players will find a friendly and forgiving surface to help them develop their tennis skills.


Adding Quickstart Tennis game lines is the perfect addition to your multi-sport backyard game court. Our high-performance surfaces allow you to play dozens of different games right in your own backyard. With less space needed for Quickstart tennis lines, turning almost any surface into a multi-sport game court has never been easier.

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Rules and Courts

To give new players the confidence and ability to cover the entire court, score points and build an all-court game, the court is shorter and narrower.
The net is lower, too.

Video - CBS NEWS - Tennis Scaled Down

Harry Smith talks to Patrick McEnroe about Quickstart Tennis, a youth tennis program designed to smaller scale to improve technique and form for players 10 and under

Read more: http://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=6853141n&tag=cbsnewsVideoArea.0#ixzz0z9lQLqbL
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