Tennis Courts by Sport Court of Texas

Whether we provide you with tennis court resurfacing for your existing tennis court or we build you a tennis court from scratch, we are your Texas game court building specialist.
Currently, Sport Court Texas serves families and large facilities, building and installing tennis courts, Quickstart Tennis courts and pickleball courts in Austin, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio, Texas and their surrounding areas.
Our Sport Court tennis courts are perfect for your backyard, home, apartment complex, business complex, HOA, or any other large facility.
No need to worry about cracks, blisters and resurfacing every few years like traditional applications, our tennis court surfacing has the latest technology in athletic performance surfacing, offering vertical cushioning and patented “lateral forgiveness” to absorb the shock of sudden starts and stops in hard play. Our surface is independently rated by the International Tennis Federation for both medium and fast pace play.


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Design Your Own Tennis Court

Use our Court Designer to design your own backyard game court. Choose your tennis court dimensions, colors, and accessories. You'll have the opportunity to print or email your design to your local Texas dealer where a Sport Court sales representative will follow-up with you soon after to discuss your project details.

Court Designer

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