Game Court FAQ

How much room do i need to fit a Sport Court game court in my yard?

Sport Court game courts are customized to fit any area in your yard. We have Shooting Courts starting at 20’x 25’ to Half Basketball courts up to 30’ x 50’. Traditional Game Courts range from 30’x 60’ to 50’x 80’ Full Courts. Regulation Tennis Courts are quite large and require a space of 50’x 100’ up to 60’ x 120’.  

What is the time frame to install a game court?

The installation takes about 2 weeks of actual construction. We work with you on the design then clear and prepare the site, including leveling and compacting the area. We next set concrete forms, set the anchors for basketball systems and place and finish the concrete slab. Once the concrete has set, we install the basketball systems, suspended Sport Court surface, lights, nets and containment netting. You are now ready for years of family fun and entertainment.

Are there court accessories available for purchase?

Yes, Sport Court carries a number of accessories for tetherball, hockey, badminton, volleyball, and basketball just to name a few. We are constantly updating our accessory line for additional games and activities. If you have any special requests please ask.

May I pick more than one color for my game court?

Sport Court offers 19 available colors that can be mixed and matched. We can also provide any custom color of your choice.

Do you offer custom designs on game courts?

Get creative...a large basketball in the key, the logo of your favorite team, your family crest. We paint directly on your court surface for a lasting permanent design. Custom renderings are available upon request.

If a tile becomes damaged, how difficult is it to replace?

Sport Court flooring is easily replaced or repaired if a module is damaged. Simply remove the damaged module with a putty knife and replace with a new one. It's a snap with our patented interlocking flooring system.

How expensive is a game court?

Every game court is customized to fit your needs and budget. When compared to other backyard recreational purchases, a backyard Sport Court game court is usually the best investment a family will make. Our team will offer several options to pick and choose from which will determine the price of your court. Please contact us directly for more answers on pricing.

How do I maintain my Sport Court game court?

Durability and ease of maintenance are two qualities your Sport Court game court exemplifies. The open surface design allows water, dirt and debris to be washed away through the underside of the flooring surface. A hose or pressure washer works to remove most of what you will encounter on your court. A leaf blower or even a broom will work very well in removing leaves and grass clippings from your basketball court, tennis court, and multi-sport game court.

How long has Sport Court been in business?

Sport Court International has been a leader in the sport surfaces since 1974. We are endorsed by the FIBA, NCAA, USA Volleyball, USA Track & Field and many other national and international athletic organizations.

Why should I choose Sport Court surfaces?

Our patented Lateral Forgiveness™ provides safety for children and adults in reducing the risk of injury. Sport Court game courts can be utilized for year round entertainment and recreation. In colder climates simply clear off the snow and/or flood your court for winter games.

Sport Court of Texas's Sports Flooring and Athletic Surfaces FAQ

What is the "Climate Control" criteria for your sports flooring?

Sport Court flooring does not require HVAC monitoring or humidity controls.

Will our investment be cost-effective?

Compared to wood, synthetics and other sports flooring options, Sport Court provides the best performance at the lowest life cycle costs. Our High Gloss flooring will not require refinishing for 10-15 years.

If we have water concerns will the floor be damaged?

Your Sport Court flooring will not flake, peel or blister due to water damage caused by leaking roofs, broken pipes or flooding.

What are the maintenance requirements of a Sport Court gym floor?

Damp mop drags and a four wheeled auto scrubber are the best and easiest way to keep your floor clean and playing well. Our complete maintenance instructions can be found at


What colors do you offer?

Sport Court Maple Select looks identical to a maple hardwood floor with a heavy duty 4 coat polyurethane surface to match. Sport Court carries numerous colors to complement your facility. We can also match most custom colors.

What makes Sport Court flooring different from others?

Sport Court's suspended flooring, along with our patented Lateral Forgiveness™, reduces injuries to ankles, knees, lower back and shins.

How long does it take to install a floor?

Every Sport Court floor is installed to your facility specifications by our factory-trained certified professional installers. Depending on size, we complete your installation in less than 4 days.

What is the longevity of the floor?

Most facilities have had the same Sport Court floor for over 20 years. Contact us for a list of references near you that you can visit.

What are the safety features of Sport Court Flooring?

A Sport Court surface is designed with vertical-give to provide cushion plus a patented “lateral give” to reduce injuries for developing children and athletes, unlike unforgiving synthetic surfaces.